Education into the Future

Education into the Future


futureIt is impossible to predict the future, but what we can do is briefly look at the rate of change in technology in the past 50 years, to obtain some idea of what the future might look like.

Mobile phones did not exist 50 years ago, and even when they first started to appear they were not that mobile, as the battery was about the size of a house brick. Two things have happened – batteries are now extremely small, and the electronic have been miniaturized. These two advancements have not only put communications in your palm, but have led to entertainment also being included on these miniature devices.

If we now look at how academic papers have been published in the past we find that they have always been offered as hard copies. Theses have been large tomes housed on the shelf of a University Library shelf, seldom been read by anyone other than the author and his or her examiners. Journals are expensive to produce, and gaining the necessary circulation to justify the cost is extremely difficult. If then people are going to watch a movie on their laptop computer or their mobile phone does it not necessarily follow that they will also look to these devises to download data on topics that they are interested in.

Tertiary Publishing Online believes that within 10 years Academic Journals will not be available in hard copy, but will only be accessible online. Academics who want people to read their research will need resort to publishing their papers online.

For Tertiary publishing online the future is here. If you want a hard copy of any paper or article on this website, you must download it, and print your own copy. The positive outcome is of course that your work can be online and being read by anyone within seven days of it being received. Not only can a reader see your work but they can also read your profile in the Author’s section of the site. Liberate yourself and publish with Tertiary Publishing Online.

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